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Personal development and character education

Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They show respect for others and have very positive attitudes. This is because all adults share the same high expectations of behaviour and routines are quickly established in the school. Pupils put a great deal of effort into contributing to the life of their school and local community

We pride ourselves not just on the educational attainment and progress that children receive here at Dudley but also on how they develop their character and personal values in order to be outstanding citizens. Education for character is already integral to the work we undertake with the children here at the school. The academy ethos, values and vision contributes to form-ing well-educated and well rounded young people who are ready to take their place in the world. In 2019, leaders at the Academy utilised government guidance to develop an exciting Personal Development Awards strategy to encourage and reward children who demonstrate their attitude towards a set of key values.

We consulted with the children and staff in relation to introducing a personal development award strategy. Children thought about the key values that they felt are important to being outstanding pupils here at Dudley and discussed this in assemblies, class lessons and within School Council meetings. In addition, staff members contributed to this process and, together as a school com-munity, the following values were identified as being important to the character development:


Since the beginning of the initiative, much work was undertaken to develop and refine a strategy that engaged, enthused and rewarded children who demonstrate the six key values listed above. We delivered many assemblies to the children to discuss the meaning of these words and what they may look like in every day life. The children were introduced to the concept that values are principles that guide our thinking and behaviour and form part of our character. Children that work hard to uphold our key val-ues are awarded a Personal Development Award badge and these are sewn onto the upper sleeve of your child’s school jumper or cardigan.

The children are aware that these are very special awards and will only be presented to them if they fulfil a specific set of criteria for each one. Each year group has its own set of criteria that is age appropriate for their setting and has been developed by the year group teachers. Generally, the children can only receive one badge per term from the set of six. However, children may be awarded more than one badge if they have fulfilled the necessary criteria. In addition, the ’Outstanding Citizenship’ award can only be achieved once the other five badges have been earned. There is no specific order to how the badges can be achieved and staff at the academy will consider very carefully the criteria when deciding which can be awarded and when.

On the bottom of each badge there will either be an ’R’, a ’1’ or a ’2’ to represent the year group the child is in. For example, this may allow your child to receive their ’Respect’ badge when in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 based upon the progressive criteria for each year group. The children and staff here at Dudley are very proud of our Personal Development Awards and the opportunity they provide to reward the wonderful attitudes and values that our children demonstrate and uphold both at school and in their local community. If you have any questions relating to any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact the academy office or talk to a member of the senior leadership team.


Kind and caring

Honest and trustworthy



Outstanding citizenship

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