Our classes

Dudley Infant Academy is a two-form entry school with six classes spilt across Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2. Currently our classes are named after African animals as follows:

  • EYFS - Class Sun bear
  • EYFS - Class Tiger
  • Year 1 - Class Wolf
  • Year 1 - Class Panda
  • Year 2 - Class Turtle
  • Year 2 - Class Rhino

The children are supported in class by full time Teaching Assistant provision. We are very proud of our year group teaching teams here at Dudley.


A sun bear

Sun Bear Class

A  photo of Mrs Harris Teacher

Mrs Harris
Class Teacher

A photo of Mrs Harrison TA

Mrs Harrison
Teaching Assistant

A tiger

Tiger Class 

A photo of Miss Turner Teacher

Miss Turner
Class Teacher

A photo of Mrs Parkinson TA

Mrs Parkinson
Teaching Assistant

Year One

A wolf

Wolf Class

A photo of Mr Rose Teacher

Mr Rose
Class Teacher

 A photo of Mrs Medhurst TA

Mrs Medhurst 
Teaching Assistant

A panda

Panda Class

A photo of Miss Carter Teacher

Miss Carter

Class Teacher

A photo of Miss Burgess TA

Miss Burgess
Teaching Assistant

Year Two

A turtle

Turtle Class 

A photo of Mrs Piotroswki Teacher

Mrs Piotroswki

Class Teacher

 a photo of Mrs Hayes TA

Mrs Hayes
Teaching Assistant

 A photo of Mrs Sargant TA

Mrs Sargant
Teaching Assistant

A photo of Mrs Hitchman TA

Mrs Hitchmant
Teaching Assistant

A rhino

Rhino Class

 A photo of Ms Love Teacher

Ms Love
Class Teacher

A photo of Mrs Gurka TA

Mrs Gurka
Teaching Assistant