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Curriculum overview

At Dudley we are proud of our highly creative curriculum, which draws together many of the aspects of other areas into a series of exciting topics.

These topics are designed to engage and motivate the children in their own learning. As the children This ‘whole learning’ approach enables children to apply their skills and transfer their knowledge across the curriculum. It helps children to make connections in their learning from one subject to another. Most importantly, it increases children’s confidence, interest, motivation and learning.

For full details of the curriculum please follow the links below.

Our Dudley Vision is embedded throughout our curriculum to provide every child with:

A broad and balanced education, covering all aspects of the National Curriculum, as well as important issues such as health, safety, personal and social development and an understanding of their community.

The opportunity to develop skills and acquire understanding which provide a firm foundation for all future learning.

A positive learning experience in an environment that offers equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, race, social background or physical ability and also encourages children to develop self-confidence.


Year One

Year Two