Attend, Achieve, Succeed: Attendance Awareness Month

Attend, Achieve, Succeed: Attendance Awareness Month

This February we are holding an ‘Attendance Awareness Month’.

We will be providing information to the academy community on the importance of excellent attendance and punctuality. Please look out for further information in our newsletters, academy website and in children’s bookbags this month. #CountMeIn

Regular school attendance enables children to; be their best, keep learning and to have fun with their friends.

Why regular attendance matters

Low attendance leads to gaps in learning that can be challenging to recover. Missing out on learning opportunities leaves children vulnerable to falling behind. Children with poor attendance achieve less well in primary and secondary education. The Department for Education expects each school to promote good attendance and reduce absences by ensuring children have access to full-time education and by addressing patterns of absence. (Sept 2018)

Attend > Achieve > Succeed

Our vision at Dudley is to develop all pupils to reach their potential and develop a love of learning.

Attendance facts

  • Being late 5 minutes each day, could mean your child misses 3½ days of learning each year.
  • There are at least 175 non-school days annually.
  • When attendance falls to 90%, this equates to one day off every fortnight. Over 100 hours of missed learning opportunities each year.
  • We want children to be happy! When children are happy attendance increases, anxiety decreases, friendships are easier and progress in school improves.
  • We believe that attendance improves when we work together. Please contact a member of the team if you would like further support.

Download our Attendance Awareness Month leaflet as a PDF here.

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