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Dudley Infant Academy’s Community Litter Pick

Children at Dudley take action as they do their part in taking care for the environment

On Thursday 31 March, Dudley Infant Academy’s School Council undertook a litter pick in the local community. Dudley’s councilors regularly meet each term and an important standing item on their agenda was, and continues to be care for the environment, and how the academy can work together to look after it. The children at Dudley organised the litter pick activity and worked together as a team to clean up the pavements in the local area with their own kits.

Stuart Maclean, Principal at Dudley Infant Academy said, “We are incredibly proud of our School Council members and the respect and dedication they have demonstrated. Tackling issues such as litter can make a big impact on local communities, and this has now inspired our councilors to learn about the wider environmental problems associated with waste, working together to develop solutions for the future.”

Joanne Luke, Assistant Principal was also proud of her School Council efforts to make a difference to their local community. She said, “It was a pleasure to accompany our School Council on their litter pick and see them work hard as a team to uphold the Trust's and Dudley Infant Academy values in the local community”.

Dudley Infant Academy is one of 15 academies part of The University of Brighton Academies Trust. The Trust are pleased to see Dudley’s School Council encouraging care for the environment. By taking action and setting a positive example we hope to see more care when it comes to looking after where we live and making our streets cleaner - it all makes a difference. Well done, Dudley!

As a Multi-Academy Trust, we have used government guidance to form the basis of all our planning and decision making throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help minimise the risk to our pupils and staff across our 15 academies.

Together we have identified the risks specific to each academy and have updated our COVID-19 Risk Assessment appropriately. For transparency, the following Risk Assessment provides you with the opportunity to view this academy's latest risk assessment that we will be following when our academies fully reopen in March.

As we are all aware, guidance and restrictions are regularly changing, and the impact of those changes may not be reflected in the document while it is going through amendment and review.

Your child’s safety is important to us, as is that of our staff. Please do not send your child into school if they are feeling unwell. If your child develops COVID-19 symptoms in school, they will be isolated and should be tested for the virus as soon as possible. Any siblings will also be sent home as a precautionary measure.

For the latest government advice for parents, please visit the government website.

We want to thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to work towards a safe return and getting “back to school”.

In October 2020, our children in Year 2 were given the wonderful opportunity to work alongside Barefoot Opera.  The children described and drew a place that was special to them and the Barefoot Opera team composed a piece of music to accompany their work.  In what is most certainly a challenging time, this has certainly made us smile and reminded us once more, just how special a place Dudley is.  

End of term

As we come to the end of term, we spotted this beautiful rainbow shining over Dudley.  Surely a sign of a special place and a reflection of the positivity and resilience that our fantastic children have shown during this unusual time.

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