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Vision and values

Our vision

Our vision at Dudley is to develop all pupils to reach their potential and develop a love of learning. We are enthusiastic about our learning and we aim to:

  • provide challenge so that children and staff achieve their best
  • encourage respect and tolerance so that all are included
  • provide consistent high expectations so that pupils reach their potential and are ready for the next stage of their learning.

Working as a member of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, we aim to further develop the teaching and learning for our school community. Our expertise and good practice is enhanced through this joint work supported by Brighton University, the lead sponsor. The outstanding teacher training provision of the University will enable us to grow as a learning community as we aspire to provide our children with an outstanding educational provision. Our goal is always to give every child the very best opportunities so that they can move successfully onto the next phase of their education and beyond.

We want to help everyone connected to our academy achieve excellence.

  • We share a belief that education transforms lives.

  • We equip pupils with the skills to fulfil their potential as global citizens.

  • Our academy has a rich and creative curriculum to ensure that pupils meet their potential and are inspired to continue learning.
  • Pupils’ experiences are enriched by the contribution of other academies within our Trust and we support each other to improve by working together.
  • Our academy has a positive impact on our local community.
  • Parents and carers actively engage with their child’s learning and pupils understand the positive role they can play in their wider community.


A vision for all

At Dudley Infant Academy we believe it is important for all stakeholders in our community to share our vision and to understand its role in the educational provision offered at the school. Therefore, everyone will become familiar with the acronym D.I.A (Determination, Inspiration, Aspiration). This will be shared with all children, staff, parents/carers and local board members in the format of the banner shown below.

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Our values

Our values are underpinned by the University of Brighton Academies Trust's core values. It is important to us that our academy has a positive impact on the local community and that pupils understand the role they can play in the wider world. We also work to ensure that parents and carers are actively engaged in their child’s learning.

We value excellence, integrity and innovation.


We want excellence for our pupils and their families, our staff, and our academy’s community. We believe that education transforms lives, which is why our academy has a rich curriculum to ensure that pupils meet their potential and are inspired to continue learning.


We work with integrity. We recognise the unique character of our academy and tailor the support we provide to suit the needs of our pupils. We respect all cultures and beliefs, and believe in honesty and openness.



At Dudley, innovation is key. We constantly strive to improve and our pupils’ experience is enriched by the ambitious and creative curriculum that we deliver.



We have high expectations for our children and our clear next steps for each child are shared with parents. We work with families and children to get everyone involved in the learning experience. Our school is well resourced and we take pride in our learning environment. Children are expected to treat others and their Academy with respect. There are clear systems for children and we expect all pupils to learn these and with support make good choices and become responsible members of the community. Our staff focus on giving the pupils the best opportunities and we work with experts to constantly reflect and improve on our practice to ensure we meet the changing needs of our society.