Parents of Dudley PTA

Parents of Dudley Association (known as POD) is a registered charity run by parents. We aim to organize events which bring the whole Dudley community together to have fun and raise money to benefit our school and our children.

  • Holly Clamp - Chair
  • Renee Lavin - Treasurer
  • Tamara Leggett - Vice Treasurer
  • Esther Inwood Young - Secretary

The money we raise is used to enrich the children’s experiences, for example by funding the Christmas pantomime and the Living Eggs programme. This year, 2018/19, POD are continuing to develop the plans for a playground shelter and are planning yoga and percussion sessions for the children.

Anybody with a child at Dudley is welcome to attend our meetings, which happen about once a month. We welcome any offers of help, as well as new ideas for fundraising and spending. Details of our meetings are published on our Facebook page at POD – Parents Of Dudley PTA and via email. You can be added to our mailing list by contacting

We would love to see you at a meeting soon!

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