Because we take pride in our school community, we encourage the children to wear the school colours of grey and red.

Sweatshirts, jumpers, polo shirts and other items including P.E. bags can be bought through Superstitch or Sussex Uniforms. We consider it the responsibility of parents to see that children come to school dressed in appropriate clothing and outerwear suitable for the school day.

School uniform is available from Super Stitch and Sussex Uniforms.

  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan/fleece
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey trousers or skirt
  • Grey or red and white chequered dress
  • Black, Grey tights
  • Children should wear black school shoes
  • Black PE shorts
  • White PE tshirt
  • Black plimsols
  • Jewellery (other than earring studs) is not appropriate to the school environment because of the risk of injury in activities or loss during playtimes.